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The most successful projects have something in common—they all begin with a plan. Follow our easy 5-step process to help you formulate one of your own. Then visit the expert design consultants at a Weinstein showroom near you.

Download the Designer Planner Kit

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5 steps to planning

Plan your project with our easy five-part process

1. Determine your needs

What’s the scope of your project—bath, kitchen or both? Are you remodeling? Do you need help with plumbing?

2. Take measurements

Measure the rooms you plan to redesign, as well as the fixtures currently in place. This will create an accurate picture of what you’re working with.

3. Choose features

What are the things you simply can't live without in your new bath or kitchen? What conveniences would you like to investigate? Download a Weinstein planning kit available on this site.

4. Set budget

Your allowance has to cover the entire project. Working within a budget helps everyone stay on track.

5. Make an appointment

Once you’ve assembled the basic information, it’s time to visit a Weinstein showroom near you. Bring any plans, blueprints or drawings you may have from your contractor, plus your details from steps 1 – 4. Also, bring along pictures from magazines or other sources of styles you like.